Thank you

Church Family and Friends,

I find myself once again owing a debt of gratitude for you walking with me through yet another family crisis. Your kindness and understanding offered me through these days of my mother’s passing was unsurpassed and very appreciated by me and my brother.

As some of you know, Mom had been ill for over three years with breast cancer and, added to nearly 91 years her body simply could go no further. Hospice was excellent once again as they were with Pam and my brother and I were able to pray over her in her last moments.

Her homegoing, while not unexpected, came sooner than we thought Many things needed to be seen to in my hometown to finalize her estate and prepare her house for sale. These past days in Ashland allowed me to assist my brother in this, and being present also allowed me the privilege of officiating her funeral.

In the midst of the sorrow of her passing we had moments of celebration; I turned sixty -**, my brother received the prestigious Sports Day award and was the honoree of a banquet attended by coaches, sports heroes, and politicians including Mayor Steve Gilmore and Congresswoman Robin Webb. To add to the evening, I was awarded the Key to the City of Ashland!

So to say it was an eventful two weeks would be an understatement. We found once again that God is faithful to bring joy in the midst of the worst kinds of sorrow.

Proving again that we have a good, good Father!


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