Ten Things I Appreciate about the Call of Ministry

In this season when churches honor and appreciate their pastoral leadership, allow me to tell you some things this pastor appreciates about the privilege and calling of ministry.  I’ve listed ten.  There are many, many others.

1) Seeing lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ

2) Walking with individuals and families in crisis and seeing them make it through

3) Being forced to depend on God…daily

4) Reading, studying, and getting to teach God’s changeless truth in the Bible

5) Letting the children come… and go into life with the Word of God as their firm foundation

6) Serving a church that is not afraid to let me lead as God leads me

7) Leading authentic worship

8) Working with a God-called and committed staff and support team

9) Sending people out on short term…and some even lifetime… mission work

10) Getting to be a part of a ministry of telling the truth to a culture that has lost its way

Having served alongside you now for almost 23 years, I can tell you that your commitment to Christ and your willingness to allow me to lead is not only refreshing, but unique.  Fruit Cove is an awesome church and I am privileged to serve Christ’s mission with you here.

And I hope YOU know how much this pastor appreciates YOU!






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