Seven Words of Life – Part 5

“I thirst.” Human words, humbly spoken. Jesus was, after all, a man of sorrows. A man. And men get thirsty, bleed when they’re cut, weep when they grieve, and feel alone at times.

All of these were experienced by Jesus. “We do not have a High Priest who cannot be touched with the feeling of our weaknesses.” No, we have a great high priest who was tempted in all points just as we are… yet without sin.

But let us never forget that the Divine Son who hung on Calvary’s cross was also fully a human being. And that human being was dehydrated and needed the relief of a drink of water to mend his parched lips and burning tongue.

“I thirst.” Here, even the Son of God needed the help of others. Never be ashamed to seek or to ask for that help…

…when you’re alone.
…when you’re afraid.
…when you’re confused.

Jesus reached out for assistance while accomplishing His God designed purpose. As God, Jesus required nothing. But as a man he suffered as a man.

And God heard His cry… as He will hear yours.

“I am poured out like water….” Psalm 22:14

FOR REFLECTION: What circumstance of your life do you need to decide no longer to face alone?


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