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  • Mary Stout and Charlotte Johnson listen each week . Mary thinks it’s amazing she can see her church family on my iPad and me on my iPhone. He he he. We look forward to seeing the Church family weekly.
    Bayside where we live has started a prayer group 6 weeks ago and Its really growing each week. Neil I’m going to use your sermon from last Sunday #WMID for the children and Mom’s. “I’m going to read the scriptures and fit into my 20 minutes of sharing. This is truly what are neighbors need to hear”. Thank you and all those supporting the delivery of seeing and hearing our church each week. Each week it gets better. Sending much love to all members of the staff.

    • Fantastic! Thanks, Charlotte for letting us know you and Mary are out there. We pray our messages each week find new audiences to encourage along the way!

      You know, I was just thinking about Rex and his work in the early days of internet development. Imagine if he could see what it has become!

      Blessings to you all, Neal

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