Questions.  Everybody has them.  Life is full of them.  Just about the time we figure out one stage, another kicks in and it seems we’re back to square one.  Whether you are caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s or raising an adopted child or just walking through a tough spot in a marriage…questions visit us.  But our questions are not always about not having enough information.  Sometimes they have to do with larger issues… why do the innocent suffer?  Why does it seem that people on the wrong side of morality get ahead in life?  Why am I suffering?  Is God mad at me?  Is He punishing me?  Has He forgotten me?

Our questions are part of human experience.  Even people of faith have questions… and, ironically, doubts.  The Psalms are filled with questions, many unanswered, many spoken seemingly into an empty, uncaring void. These questions echo their way into our lives too.  And yet, we know there is One Who holds the answers.  And sometimes, as much as we feel we need information to fill in the glaring blanks in our lives, the truth is we really need our hearts to be healed…not our minds filled.  Data and information, as helpful as that can be, will not take the place of simply knowing God is There!

When Jesus went to the cross, the experience of our Savior being crucified was punctuated with an agonizing question coming out of the darkness:  “My God, my God, why..?  Even Jesus had questions.  Though He never ceased to be Deity, never stopped being God, He also wore our humanity and with that, our lack of always knowing the answer to every question.

God was humble enough to become a questioner with us.  He asked from the cross… and it seemed the heavens were locked in silence.

So when our questions come He understands when the answers aren’t apparent.

Or even when they don’t come at all.

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