Purpose in our Suffering – Part 7

As I sit writing this column today, I am on an international flight bound for Paris. The sounds of multiple languages surround me and I remember that God does not love just Americans. He loves the guy sitting in front of you who fought his seat all night long while you tried to sleep. He loves the kind flight attendants who don’t speak English. He loves the French and the Indian and the Pakistani man and He loves them enough to die for them.

I thought about that as my fellow passenger in front of me slammed into his seat for the tenth time, obviously trying to lay back in my lap. He loves that person. Right now I can’t even manage to like him.

But such is the greatness of our God who loves a world that we may not know about or too often forget. The love of God and the glory of the cross are not limited to our narrow views and ideas, our cultural expression or our heart language.

It is much, much greater

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son….” John 3:16

FOR REFLECTION: Who in your life do you not like but need to learn to love? What will you have to look past to love them?

One thought on “Purpose in our Suffering – Part 7

  1. Tim,

    I thought you should not have mentioned Donald Trump in your Sermon. By questioning his personal faith I felt that you were demeaning him. Let me preface this by stating that I love your sermons and they are deeply meaningful to me.

    On the other hand, I thought it was interesting because of these reasons:

    1) Do you know if any of the candidates are really Christians? Do you really think that the Hillary’s, Cruz’s, Rubio’s of this election wouldn’t tweak the truth to their benefit? How do you know whether or not they are all pandering for votes when they do not truly repent for their sins? (This is my main beef with your argument)
    2) Did you go after Romney’s Mormon beliefs? Since all religious views are personal then I’m sure you could critique his faith.
    3) Is Donald Trump running for Pastor in Chief or Commander in Chief? Who’s to say someone I am the best man for the job but I lose it because of something I believe that has nothing to do with Government.
    4) How many Southern Baptist preachers are Free Masons (10% maybe)? These are the very leaders within our very own leadership.

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