PTT Townhall Update

The Pastoral Transition Team (PTT) held a Townhall Event on September 19th at 6 PM. The event was a success with 250 in attendance in person and 100 online. We estimate that 400-450 people took part in the Town Hall event. We listed the main points from the PTT update given at the event in a document called PTT Town Hall Event Update 9-19-2021.docx. It is posted in the PTT Meeting Minutes & Documents section of this website.

The Town Hall event provided a thorough update on PTT activities to date. The delivered remarks and the discussion with our church family covered a lot of ground. We discussed our ongoing communication plans, gave an overview of the church survey results, provided an update on the church profile document we are building to use with candidates, provided an overview of where we stand on the actual transition process to hand off the baton from Pastor Tim to the new pastor, and discussed the actual search process to include three options the PTT recommends we consider prayerfully (an Internal Search Team, External Search Team and a Hybrid Search approach involving an internal review sub-committee and an external search team to find candidates to consider).

We encourage everyone to read that document. It will provide a solid understanding of the issues we currently are working through and the plans we have laid out to the congregation. It also discussed what we are going to do over the next 3-6 months.

Thank you to all who came out or watched the proceedings online. Your questions made for a lively discussion, and we hope our answers and stated information was helpful to all and furthered your understanding of where we are in the process. You may watch the whole event by clicking on the link listed in the first section of this website. God bless.

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