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The Pastoral Transition Team (PTT) met on March 28th. Prior to that meeting, members of the PTT met with Pastor Tim on multiple occasions throughout the December-March time-frame to work out bylaw issues that had to be addressed, the timing of standing up an internal search team, the training of the search team, the actual timeline for the search process to begin, the the engagement of an external search firm to help with the search and transition planning, the transition timeline and other key events that must take place.

One key outcome of the March 28th meeting was that the PTT will hold another Town Hall Event on May 22, 2022, at 6 PM in the main sanctuary. The event will run until 8 PM and will have a robust Question and Answer period. The Town Hall event will provide a thorough update on PTT activities to date and the path now laid out for a successful transition process. The delivered remarks and the discussion with our church family will focus on:

  • Our understanding of the bylaws and how that affects the timeline and our approach to the transition plan.
  • The process and costs to engage an external search firm to conduct succession planning and the external search. (Note: This company will be represented at the Town Hall event).
  • The refined timeline based on discussions with Pastor Tim.
  • Our communication plan going forward
  • The timing of the search
  • The church profile document
  • The actual transition process to hand off the baton from Pastor Tim to the new pastor
  • The internal FCBC search committee – they will work with the external search firm to vet resumes and select a qualified candidate. (Note: This is the Hybrid Search approach we discussed at the last Town Hall event in October 2021).
  • PTT activities over the next 9 months leading up to Pastor Tim’s  30th anniversary

We will make more information available on the Town Hall event as we finalize event details. We will also be coming to all Connect Groups to discuss the next steps and the Town Hall event. Things are moving, albeit slowly now, but they will pick up in pace as actual events get underway, particularly after the May 22nd Town Hall Event. Please be in prayer as we ramp up our efforts after many months of searching for answers and discussions with the church leadership to find a way forward. God bless.

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