How’s your prayer life? Few questions can make a believer feel guiltier. We know we should pray. We know we should pray MORE. We know we should pray LONGER.

We believe in prayer. Really, we do. We admire people for whom it seems to come so naturally. We may have even made a New Year’s resolution to pray more… longer.

But many would honestly confess, “I don’t know how.” “I don’t know the words to use.” “I don’t know whether to kneel, or stand, or sit, or raise my hands or sit on them.”

If any of that feels familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Even the twelve men who followed Jesus most closely didn’t know how to pray. Once, they asked Jesus, “teach us to pray.”

Some would have to confess, “I never saw my parents pray. I didn’t grow up in church. I went to a church where you read prayers from a book or you simply left it to the specialists.”

But prayer is not a specialization. We are all to be about the business of talking daily, hourly, and even moment by moment with our Father who is waiting… RIGHT NOW… to hear from us!

Come and walk with us the next few weeks as we begin a series titled “PRAYERLIFE” and learn about the most familiar and perhaps the most important prayer we will ever pray: The Lord’s Prayer.

Whether you are a veteran prayer warrior or a novice, you can grow deeper in your understanding and your walk with God as you learn to pray as Jesus taught us.

Hope you’ll commit to being in every service and experience an intimacy with God that you’ve never known before!

Dr. Maynard’s sermon series PRAYERLIFE will begin Sunday, February 17.  You can listen live at or on the church app.  Search Fruit Cove Baptist in the App Store.  Sermons are posted online at by the following Wednesday.


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