It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? How we view the circumstances, both good and bad, that come to our lives turns on perspective.

Whether a situation is received as preparation or punishment is a matter of our perspective. The trials and traumas of our lives also are seen through a lens called perspective.

What if you were offered the possibility of living the rest of your life pain free, trouble free, tear free with one condition. For a millisecond, you would experience excruciating pain but then you would not be able to remember it? Would you sign up for such a deal? No more pain? Sorrow? Weeping? Difficulty? Sounds too good to be true? Think about this with perspective.

You already have a better deal than that…if you’re a believer in Jesus. For a millisecond, (for some, 70 years or 90…for others less than that) you are experiencing pain, trials, sorrows, suffering…some excruciating. But then, what do we get? An eternity where there is no pain, neither sorrow or crying, for the former things (the pain) have passed away. (Read Revelation 21:6) The pain…the tears… the sorrow pass away even (I believe) from our memories!! The millisecond of life on earth compared to the unending reality of eternity is “not worthy to be compared” to what lies ahead for the believer.

Do you understand? PERSPECTIVE makes pain endurable, sorrow and suffering tolerable, tears no longer terrible. “The former things will pass away.” And all that will be left is…


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