Pastor Transition Team – 09012021

The Pastoral Transition Team (PTT) met on Monday, August 30, 2021. Discussion points included:

  • Communication Working Group: The Upcoming Townhall Event – On September 19th at 5:15 PM the church, in support of the PTT, will be holding a Townhall Event to give all congregants a chance to take part in the pastoral transition process. This is your chance to ask questions of a panel of experts and appointed PTT and church staff members concerning the path the PTT is on, and the steps we have taken to date. We encourage anyone interested in taking part to either send their questions through the PTT website ahead of time to the following email address:, or to come out and ask your questions directly in the Townhall forum. The PTT will treat all questions sent through the website as anonymous questions. The PTT will combine the questions on the same topics and air them at the Townhall Event. This event will be live streamed so anyone not able to attend can still take part and follow the proceedings.
  • Documentation Working Group: The Church Survey – The ongoing analysis of the church survey is still underway. The Documentation Working Group is making great progress on the summarizing and presentation of the findings. The panel members for the Townhall Event on September 19 will share some of the findings with the audience. In addition, the church profile document is also well underway. The PTT will be completing the document by the end of October but no later than early November of this year. The church staff have been very cooperative and prompt in their submissions for the various areas they handle to date. The PTT is placing their input into the church profile outline developed by the PTT. Many thanks to the Executive Pastor for shepherding the writing of various sections assigned by the PTT to church staff members for completion.
  • Transition Working Group: The Transition Timeline – The transition timeline is still in flux as the PTT works out the details with Pastor Tim and timed to coincide with the pastoral search. There will be more on this after the PTT holds discussions with the Stewardship and Personnel Committees, as well as Pastor Tim and the Executive Pastor. Discussions are already underway on some aspects of the transition and progress is being made.
  • The Pastoral Search Working Group – The PTT is close to deciding on how they will conduct the actual search. The PPT will discuss the tentative plan for the search at the Townhall Event on September 19th. Leading the discussion will be the chairman for the PTT, the Vice-Chairman of the PTT and notable panelists from the Florida Baptist Convention and the Jacksonville Baptist Association. In addition, the PTT discussed adding a liaison to our seasoned congregants to make sure they have a voice in the process. And we discussed how we will stand-up an internal subcommittee to the PTT to help vet resumes for pastoral candidates.

We encourage everyone to come out and participate in the Townhall event on September 19th, 2021 at 5:15 PM in the main sanctuary. It is your opportunity to voice your opinions and receive answers to your most important questions and concerns. Everyone should have a vested interest in selecting our next pastor! We look forward to packing out the church with a lot of interested congregants. Put it on your calendar!


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