No Lesser Glory

On Sunday, April 7, we will be releasing my newest book No Lesser Glory…Walking with God in the Hard Places.  I have been writing this book off and on for over eighteen months.  While it is different from my first book I Bear Witness, it still covers some of the same tracks but does so from a more pastoral perspective.  It is an effort to intensify our understanding of God’s purposes in our pain and to point to His grace and glory in our suffering.

Since it was written over a longer period of time, I saw through the pages of the book ways that my mind and opinions about several matters grew and changed.  I decided to leave that growth process evident in the book, since I believe it is a path we all follow as we try to understand life’s difficulties.

Hopefully as you read the book you too will see that God’s glory does not just appear in the mountaintop experiences of life, but also in the dark valleys.  No matter where we go God’s presence and grace follow and God’s glory will appear.

And it is no lesser glory.

“No Lesser Glory” will be available before and after both services Sunday, April 7.  The price for the book will be $15.00 and a special price will be offered if you buy both “I Bear Witness” and “No Lesser Glory.”  All proceeds from the book will go to support the Cove Ministry of Fruit Cove Baptist Church.

Both books can be ordered from the website



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