Key West, FL (High School Students)

March 18-21, 2021

With an extreme southern location and beach-laden peninsula, Florida is one of the most unique states. And South Florida—made up of Miami’s metropolitan area, the Florida Keys and surrounding towns and cities—only underscores that point of view. Per a 2017 Forbes study, South Florida is home to 27 of the 400 richest people in America. It boasts 6 of the 20 richest “millionaire enclaves” and is home to the wealthiest city by income in the United States: Fisher Island. The region is often viewed as a 76-degree paradise, dripping in bling and boasting the best nightclubs, bay-front mansions and flashy cars. It is home to celebrities and pro athletes as well as business moguls and fashion models. But paradoxically, cities within South Florida have a large population of citizens below the federal poverty line. Only Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Milwaukee and St. Louis ranked higher in terms of citizens living at the federal government-established poverty income level. Rich or poor, famous or not so much, one thing is certain: The people of South Florida need Christ. In this dense population zone, 78.8 percent of the population is lost. We’ll be partnering with Fifth Street Baptist Church in Key West.

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