Leadership 40

Keeping balance and focus as a leader requires constant attention. There is not a moment in the heat of the battle when we can relax our attention. Those who do find themselves victims, especially the leader. And the damage done is profound. Nehemiah 4 tells us that those who stood on the wall “never even changed their clothes.” (4:23)

Recently a mega church pastor found himself unguarded and in the crosshairs. For reasons only he and God understand he played the edges and fell over. While the cause of his failure was not a moral lapse, it was nevertheless a damaging one and much bruising occurred because of it.

This is the danger. We cannot compromise with the flesh and win anymore than we can tame a water moccasin.

Sometimes the Bible bids us to stand and fight the enemy. Sometimes it tells us to flee. But it never calls us to a diplomatic truce. If you don’t want the snake to bite don’t let it through the door.

The enemy is deadly. He will never be your friend. Nor will the world. Nor will the flesh.

Keep up your guard. And never forget the battle is the Lord’s, not yours!

FOR MEDITATION:   “…our God will fight for us.” Nehemiah 4:20

FOR REFLECTION: Where do you find yourself fighting battles for God instead of trusting Him to win the battle for you?

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