Leadership 30

It’s always a thrilling moment for the leader when boots hit the ground and the dream, the vision, the plan begin to come together.

Nehemiah spent three days (2:11) surveying day and night the reality of the task. Four months of planning at a distance now had to be adjusted to an eyes-on survey. He took no one. The leader’s role is seldom a group process. He looked at the rubble. He listened to God.

And when he spoke to the Jews who were there, he spoke words of motivation steeped in the reality of what he had seen with his own eyes.

It would have been amazing to be in the room that night when gloom and despair turned to joy and enthusiasm: “Let us arise and build!” Why are we sitting here with an unfinished task? Our enemies mock us. Our walls are broken down. Let us do this together! We can do it with God’s help!

And together they arose… and built! What task in your life is needing completion? What “wall” needs to be rebuilt? Isn’t it time to arise…

…and build?

FOR MEDITATION: “Let us arise and build!”     Nehemiah 2:18

FOR REFLECTION: Read Nehemiah 2:11-20. What are the walls in your life that have been knocked down? What are you prepared to do as you “rise up and build?”

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