beginning with a final exam

• READ Eph 4:11-16
• What if a final exam were to be given next May, based on what you just read from Eph 4?
• What would our grade as a church be? What would your grade as a class be? What would your individual grade as a leader be?
 1) what of eternal significance happens in the lives of individuals while they are in the care of your Connect Group? (v 11)
2) Do your members understand and utilize their individual spiritual gifts in leadership and ministry? (v 11)
3) In what ways are your members ministering to one another and to others? (v 12)
4) What percentage of your members are involved in ministry? (v 12)
5) Do your members’ ministries results in the spiritual growth of faith, knowledge and maturity? (v 13)
6) Do the lifestyles of your members reflect the principles and character of Christ? (v 13)
7) What percentage of your members’ lifestyles reflects that of growing as a Christian? (v 13)
8) What percentage of your members are easily shaken in their faith and vulnerable to deceitful schemes? (v 14)
9) Is there spiritual and numerical growth in your Connect Group and church? (v 15)
10) Do your members mutually edify and build up one another? (v 16)




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