Jesus. Is. Better.


Without Jesus, LIFE MEANS NOTHING. It is “just a vapor.” A puff of smoke. A cloud that vanishes in the heat of day. And no, this is not an article about “vaping.”

We teach our children that life has no eternal destiny or purpose. We’re not sure why we’re here or where we’re going when life ends. We have literally been made complicit in the death of an untold number of young people by feeding them this lie that is in our culture, our media, our universities and our textbooks.

If Jesus is the “firstborn over all creation” (Colossians 1:15 b) then we have a Creator and we have a destiny and this means we also have a purpose! Without this understanding (which, by the way, is ridiculed in most circles that claim to be populated by the intelligentsia), our life is futile and suicide actually offers an out to a boring, difficult, or hopeless experience.

Do we have anything, as Christians, that offers an alternative to such a despairing view of life? Can we push back against a culture that tells our children that suicide is romantic and even heroic?

If you are a Christian parent still raising your children (they are still under your roof and care), when do you plan to talk to them about why they would not want to end their life by their own hand?

Hopefully your son or daughter doesn’t, but you can rest assured their friends are talking about it. Social media is talking about it. The celebrity culture they follow is immersed in it. And if you do feel the need to talk to them about why it’s important that they do not pursue this option, what do you plan to say?

An answer is in the paragraph below. Try this as a conversation starter:

“Jesus is the One Who made you. You are not a random accident. Jesus has a plan and purpose for your life that’s bigger and better than you could dream. Since Jesus made you, He also owns you. Your life is not your own. It’s HIS property that He has loaned you and one day you will give an account to Him for what you did with it. And what’s more, you are PRECIOUS to Him; so precious in fact that He died on the cross and went to the grave to buy you back so you could be with Him forever!”

Have a serious conversation between yourselves, Mom and Dad. It’s time for us to stand up and defend our children from this demonic onslaught for which the teaching of false philosophies in our culture has paved the way. And then think about having that conversation with your children. If nothing else, your offering the conversation opens the door for them to talk to you if they find themselves deeply troubled and thinking about it.

It is past time for the church to step up and acknowledge the reality that is now part, not only of our culture’s experience, but even of the church. There are those among us who are hurting and who see ending their life as the only way to end their pain. And church people are not immune.

Show them there’s a better way. Show them life is worth living. Show them Jesus. Is. Better.

If you know of someone struggling with thoughts of taking their life, or you are having those thoughts, please use the Suicide Hotline Number below. God loves you. We care about you, and stand available to help and counsel in your distress.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255

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