Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Well, here it is Mother’s Day again.  I’m sorry I haven’t told you more often this year or called or written or visited more but you know how life goes.  We get busy, and in our busy-ness forget the most important thing, and the most important people.

That’s where you come in.  How do I say on this Mother’s Day how much I appreciate and love you for all you did…for bringing me into this world a squalling, demanding, newborn that leaked from both ends…to the adventures and trials of raising me into young adulthood?

You were young when I was born and inexperienced in this whole child raising thing.  Maybe you turned to the wisdom of Dr. Spock to help you; maybe Dr. Dobson filled in the gap.  Perhaps Dr. Phil stepped up.  Or maybe you just got on your knees and cried out to God.

I know you prayed.  I’m sure you recited the little Mother’s Prayer over me each night at bedtime when I was small:  “Thank God he’s in bed.”  But I know there were many times when, with tears, you sat waiting for a word from God, from somewhere to help you know what to do as you raised us.

I remember the times when I would hurt or fall or get my heart broken…I cried for Mom when those times came.  Dad was there…but Mom was…there in a different kind of way.  I know you wept yourself to sleep on some occasions; when I lay sick at home or in the hospital and you didn’t know what to do to make the pain stop. What you don’t realize more often than not was…it did.

Mom, I remember you making little outfits for me for Trick or Treat and shopping yourself silly at Christmas to get me just the gift you knew would make me smile.  Did I ever thank you for those?

And I remember the countless hours you sat in the stands cheering me on when I was on the field or the court or the stage… you supported me, as a band parent selling overpriced candy at ball games or taking boxes of candy bars to work to sell for me since I was a lousy salesman.

I remember Mom. You were there. You tried to be what you thought a Mom should be, even though you barely knew yours.  And I forgive you for making me take piano lessons.  I finally figured out why they were important.

Mom, you imparted a love of books to me and drilled me with grammar and spelling and syntax.  I may or may not have turned out like you thought I would.  If you see me as a disappointment…it’s not your fault. If you see me as a success…you may now take a bow!

And by the way:  Awesome job as a grandmother too! Can’t wait to join you in that category. McCail will be thrilled to get to meet her Great-grandmother!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Hope you know how loved you are.  And as it says in the Bible, today I want to  “rise up and called you blessed.”

So Mom, this year at Mother’s Day, I promise to try to keep up better, visit more, and tell you as often as I can that I am thankful to God for you.

Love always,


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