Give Thanks!

Gratitude is good for the heart. A thankless heart is an unhealthy heart. One of the characteristics of people living in the last days is a heart that doesn’t know how to be grateful. (2 Timothy 3:2). The people who impact us most are not graceless, thankless, self-involved, complaining people. They are generous, outgoing, giving and full of grace.

Thanksgiving is one day of the year when we are reminded by the GOVERNMENT, no less, that we are to be thankful. How sad that we must be reminded to be thankful for the gifts of sacrifice made for our freedom or the gifts that flow from the Father of Lights Who gives every “good and perfect gift.”

Gratitude should mark the path of every genuine child of God. Sometimes we may surprise ourselves at how much we take for granted when we consider the gifts of:

Life and breath, family and friends, health and healing, eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, clothing and shelter, food and finances, access to groceries, warmth in winter and a/c in summer, cars, roads to drive on, religious liberty, education, clean water, electricity, a free nation, a church building to worship in, a Bible to read, the promise of eternal life and hope in Jesus, the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sin … … ….

You get the point. The list can go on and on… but sadly it often doesn’t. It stops far short of all the blessings that God graciously and generously supplies. “All of our needs” are provided for in Christ Jesus, Paul the grateful apostle tells us.

One of the greatest of all Christian graces we can practice and build on is giving thanks with a grateful heart. It will eliminate self-absorption, complaining, anxiety and a hundred other ailments that tear us down. And as the old hymn says, “it will surprise us what the Lord has done.”

“Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which passes understanding will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”   Philippians 4:6-7

Today I pray that you will take the time to do just that!

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