From Darkness to Dawn – Part 4

Silence. It is ominous and eerie to be in a place where you can hear nothing. Sometimes I am thankful for a good, tight set of headphones as I walk onto a crowded commercial flight with crying babies and screaming children. Sometimes, silence is very, very good!

But it’s not good when the silence is a spiritual one. When you cry out to the heavens but no one answers. When life hands you a curve ball with no explanation how to hit it. Silence isn’t always golden especially, when you are waiting for God to speak.

On Saturday, He didn’t. Heaven was locked in silence against the pounding of the disciples’ fists asking, “Why” and “what’s next” or “what now”?? Saturday. No adjective to define it. That day following the unthinkable and preceding the miracle of resurrection. The day between. “Between Saturday” just doesn’t have a ring to it.

It is the day when hope is dashed and the wind is knocked out of you. The day after the doctor says, “The tests don’t look good,” and the period before we know if treatment will work. The day after your husband says, “I’m leaving,” and that aching before he turns around and comes back home to his family. Saturday. The day you learn your family has to move and that season before you find a new home in a new part of the country.

You know… Saturday. The day of silence. The season of not-knowing. The period where it seems all hope is gone. The moment before God acts radically to redeem the crucifixion we are experiencing. Saturday.

The day it seems God forgot to show up. We are left hanging by a thread with no rescue in sight. This is the day the disciples lived through, as they suffered something akin to post traumatic stress disorder and were in hiding for their lives.

A life they were not sure they wanted to continue living.

Maybe today is Saturday for you. That forlorn, soul-wrenching, gut punch of a day when there seem to be no solutions… no way out. It’s a black day. It’s a long day.

But I promise you this… it’s not the last day.

Sunday is coming.

“It is good to wait in silence on the Lord.” Lamentations 3:26

FOR REFLECTION: What have you learned about God and yourself in silence that you could not have learned in the noise of normal life? How can you intentionally build silence into your life to listen to God?


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