Empowered to Connect
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The Empowered to Connect (ETC) conference features practical teaching to equip families, churches, and professionals impacted by adoption and foster care. Featuring Trust-Based Relational Intervention® methods developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, this conference helps bring attachment and connection in families.

This year’s Empowered to Connect Conference 2020 Rewind provides the opportunity to experience and grow from the rich, impactful teaching of either the 2018 or 2019 simulcast. Fruit Cove is hosting the 2018 conference.

The conference is typically held in a group setting with others who are on similar journeys. Show Hope believes being together and showing each other love, prayer, and support is essential to the hope, healing, and restoration that we are all seeking in our adoption and foster care walk. However, considering COVID-19, the conference is now being offered to be viewed as an individual or family. View the conference in the comfort of your home at your own pace. What a great opportunity!

Upon registration, you will be provided with a link to register with Show Hope to receive the conference link. The link will be available through May 31st.  The conference is broken up into four sessions, approximately three hours each, as described below. To stay consistent with the context of community that Show Hope promotes, we will hold optional Zoom meetings periodically to discuss what we have learned watching each session – or up to that session. Ideally, you would have watched the session before attending the meeting.  We are blessed to have Callie Lackey, TBRI Practitioner and Educator and Executive Director of Hope Street, Inc. facilitate our meetings.

Feel free to go at your own pace and join us when you can. We’d love to hear your thoughts and success stories along the way. Once you have finished watching the conference, we will send you a brief quiz to obtain your licensing hours. 


Foster / Adoptive Parents In-Service Training: Certificates of Completion will be provided at the end of the viewing time/May 31st.

Want to Know More About Fostering Hope?

Fostering Hope is a ministry of Fruit Cove Baptist Church that exists to raise awareness of vulnerable children in our community and to support foster and adoptive families.



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