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Fervent Prayer

I’ve just finished reading the book, Fervent – A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer. This book was inspired by the War Room movie, and I can tell you if you enjoyed the movie, you’ll enjoy reading this book.

Pricilla Shirer gives a glimpse of ten strategies Satan might use to attack us. Of course his goal is to see us passionless, powerless, and especially prayerless. She says. “In prayer you gain your strength – the power to gird yourself with armor that extinguishes every weapon your enemy wields.” We pray because our own solutions don’t work and because prayer deploys, activates, and fortifies us against the attacks of the enemy.”

I’m so thankful that God didn’t leave us without His strength, which we access in prayer, through the power of His Holy Spirit, who indwells each of us as believers in Jesus Christ. I’ve personally been so encouraged knowing that all my strength is rooted in who I am in Him and in the WORD of GOD. In that relationship, as a child of God, I have access to the very throne room of God, and all of the resources of heaven.

When Paul prayed for the believers in Ephesians 3, he prayed that they would be strengthened with power through His Spirit in their inner being, so that Christ would dwell in their hearts through faith. He asked that they would have power to grasp the depth of God’s love in Christ, and that they would know that love to the fullest. And then he proclaims, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us”… what a statement!

The battle has already been fought and won-We pray from victory not for victory!

Linda Warne


The following is a guest post from one of our church members. Please read this powerful challenge to influencing our children through the Bible teaching ministry.

Take a look at this rope. There’s nothing flashy about it, no tricks, no nothing….it’s just a rope. And yet….it speaks volumes.

You see, this rope is 168″ long. Each inch representing one hour of the week.

Now….see that little black mark there? The tiny one….at the end? Well it represents one hour…..that’s the average amount of time each teacher has to pour into the the lives of kids and students here at FCBC.

Take a good look at the rope again…..there’s a whole lot of rope…..and only a tiny little mark.

Only a tiny little opportunity to pour Jesus into the lives of babies-seniors in high school.

One little hour to combat the other 167 they will face during the week.

One tiny hour to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who may not see Him demonstrated in their homes.

One little hour to guard against all that the world will throw at them.

One simple hour.

And yes, some may come more frequently…..but even if they do, is a few really that much in light of 168?

And while the Bible is clear that it is the parents responsibility to be the primary Biblical teachers of their children…….we as a church have a great opportunity to assist in that process… be a part of parent’s plan to disciple their kids….and we need to take that responsibility seriously.

Teachers, what you do during that one simple hour has great implications…..simply put… matters. So thank you for taking it seriously, and recognizing the great responsibility you have been given. Thank you for spending every opportunity, during that hour you have, to pour Jesus into the lives of those entrusted to you. We are so very grateful for you.

And for others out there who aren’t currently teaching……would you prayerfully consider it? If you have been overwhelmed by what God has done for you…..for the cross….for salvation….for grace……don’t you want to do everything you can to point this younger generation to Him? To help them build a firm foundation in Him? To help them as they learn to trust in Him?

1 out of 168…..we have been given 1 in 168. So I ask you…what will you do with it?

Jennifer Cogley

Fruit Cove Ladies on Mission in West Virginia

For a number of years, Fruit Cove ladies have traveled to Greenbrier Birthing Center in West Virginia to serve expectant mothers currently serving sentences in that correctional facility. This year, Dianne Werner participated for the first time and offers this report:

We had a wonderful time ministering to the 13 girls at Greenbrier Birthing Center (GBC).  Five women were still expecting so there were 8 babies ranging in age from a few months to almost a year old.  We provide lunch each day and Annette Holley had all the meals and cooking planned and got us busy in the kitchen from the time we got there, but we had fun chopping and cooking and washing dishes in the kitchen together.

We had prayed for God to prepare the hearts of the women there and we found out that one of the women there had already heard about “the girls from Fruit Cove” when she first arrived last November and she was the only woman waiting for us when we arrived at GBC on Monday.  They told her she would love the team from Fruit Cove and that the food would be great, so there was a positive anticipation among them when we arrived.

Five women from Deer Meadows Baptist Church joined us for our visits to GBC.  They were great help to us as they learned what ministry looked like at GBC. The first couple days, we took in lunch, held their babies, ate with them and got to know them a little.  We asked lots of questions about their families and what was waiting for them at home.  We asked them questions about God, about their faith, and about their childhood when opportunities arose.  We encouraged them, shared scriptures with them, and let them know we were there because we cared and because God’s love is so amazing and we wanted them to know how much He loves them!  We took them Chocolate Fondue one day, a Keurig with all the ingredients for flavored coffees on another day and we loved on them and shared our hearts with them every day.

When we got ready to leave on Friday, there were many hugs passed out, some tears and prayers said with the whole group holding hands.  God blessed us so richly! This was my first time to participate in this mission trip. I loved it and I am ready to do it again!

Thanks, Dianne, for this report and your perspective!

Thank you from El Shaddai Ministries

Dear Pastor Tim,

We pray all is well with you in the Lord. We would like to personally thank you for helping us for the past school year. Many children brought their report cards to say thank you and they were excited that they had the privilege of going to school this past year. We just would like you to know that we could not have sent the children to school without your prayers and financial support. Please extend our gratitude to the church body for us. We would appreciate your continued prayers.

Again thank you very much. We so appreciate what you have done for us. In our prayers, we ask that the Lord help you to realize that your prayers and financial support truly matters to the work of the Lord in El Shaddai. Thank you so much! God bless you!

“The end of the world is coming soon.  Therefore; be earnest and disciplined in your prayers.”

—1 Peter 4:7

Please direct donations for El Shaddai Ministries to:

Marie K. Prinvil & Elizabeth Clackler, Servants of the Lord Jesus-Christ


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