Advent 2016 Day 19


Andrew Martinez is a name you may recognize if you follow professional golf. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame this past September… not as a pro-golfer… but as a caddy. He has carried the bags for a number of the world’s best golfers, including Tom Lehman and now Zac Blair, and always occupying a spot just outside the limelight.

Martinez knows a great deal about golf and is himself very athletic and even does seminars on golf. But when he comes out of the dressing room, dressed in shorts or overalls he occupies the role of a servant to the golfer. Nothing of Andrew Martinez goes away when he puts on his caddy uniform. He is still the same person he was. But for a time, he is a servant carrying clubs for another.

In the same way, when Jesus came and emptied Himself, the most important part of incarnation was not what He took off but what He put on… his humility was shown as he “took on Himself… humanity.” And He carried our sins to the cross for us!

In John 13, Jesus took off his robe, and wrapped a towel around his waist and went to each of His disciples to wash their feet. It was not in that moment what He took off but what He put on that defined Him. How about you? Are you “putting on” the mind of Christ? Are you following in His humility and servant spirit? Does that define you…

… or are you defined by the world’s definition of climbing to the top?

FOR MEDITATION: Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus….    Philippians 2:5

FOR REFLECTION: How will you “put on” Christ’s mindset, His servanthood, and serve others this Christmas season?


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