Advent 2016 Day 11

Part 3

So what do we do with angels? Certainly the Bible is clear that they are not to be worshiped. Though these angels always stand in the presence of God, they are not God and to offer to an angel prayers or any form of worship or adoration to them is idolatry.

We are to be discerning about angels. There are numerous, new age and spiritualist movements that have centralized angelic worship as a part of their practice. There are fallen angels (the demons) who have left their heavenly assignments to follow Lucifer, and they will seek to deceive even as “an angel of light” coming to draw your focus away from God. We need to be discerning. Paul warned that whether “we or an angel from heaven” come to preach another Gospel, they are to be condemned. (Galatians 1:8)

We will one day be assigned to rule over them. While there are those who believe that death somehow “promotes” us to angelic status, the reality is the angels are a different creature than human beings. This would be like saying a dog died and became a human being after death. This, of course, we know is impossible. Dogs are not people (I know, I know… your dog is different….) We will one day “rule over them” in eternity though now they occupy a more powerful office than we do.

We are to be open to the idea that angels will minister to us. There is certainly teaching in Scripture that allows us to believe that the angels of God are assigned to watch over those who will inherit salvation. There really are guardian angels according to the Bible. Even babies and children have angels that “always behold the face of God.” Angels ministered to Jesus after His fast in the wilderness.

The angelic rank of beings are as active, if not more active, today than they were in Biblical times. As a reminder, the Book of Hebrews tells us that we are to be quick to offer hospitality to strangers, because in doing so we may have entertained an angel unknowingly. They are with us… they are for us….

… and they are all around us!

FOR MEDITATION: Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?    Hebrews 1:14

FOR REFLECTION: As you think about these powerful and eternally-existing, spiritual beings, remember that one day as an heir of salvation, you will be allowed to rule over them!


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