A Word from Pastor Tim 05/26

I am praying for a miracle.

I struggle, as many in our tribe do, with the subject of miracles and faith… healing and prayer. How exactly are we to think about such things? Does talking and thinking about them… believing in them… actually make us Pentecostal? Throw us in the camp with “faith healers” and carnival hawkers? Is it fear or sophistication that stops us?

Or is there a place for them in a consistent biblical theology? Living as we do in a culture immersed in naturalism (the worldview that says nothing true exists beyond the things that we can immediately experience with our five senses), it is easy to keep our collective mouths shut when the subject of miracles comes up. We may secretly believe they happen but to talk too much about it calls our sanity into question… at least for some.

I am praying for a miracle right now. Even as I write this blog, it is part thinking out loud but mostly prayer and shoring up my own faith. I believe I have seen miracles in the past. Not just the “miracle” of a beautiful sunset or watching my granddaughter learn to walk. Those are incredible things that happen, but few of us really think about them as “miraculous.” But I have seen genuine miracles in people’s lives… and believe God still does them.

I am praying for a genuine, bonafide, certifiable, quantifiable and unquestionable intervention from the Father who “knit us together in our mother’s womb.” I am asking for our Sovereign Creator who is also our Father to interrupt natural processes AGAINST the normal ebb and flow of everyday life; against the normal outcomes; against the data that science provides; against the impact of cancer in Pam’s body and its impact as it threatens to take so much.

I am praying for a Moses -standing -on- the- beach- at- the- Red Sea- parting of waters. For a Joshua “fit”- the- battle- of- Jericho- wall collapse. For a Jesus walking on water and raising Lazarus kind of miracle. Of taking God’s Word in simple faith that we can “ask whatever we will and it will be done for you” and beg for His interruption of growth of cancer cells and the loss of function that occurs after such surgeries.

I am praying for a miracle. For the glory of God but for the sake of my wife I am praying that God will step in and do something amazing. And I’d like to ask you to join me if you will, asking… without doubting… that our God not only is able… but that God wants to “show off” His power to a skeptical world. Sometimes we are guilty of making God too small to handle to really tough stuff. Maybe He is ready to be magnified and not minimized. Maybe we need to “tap out” and turn Him loose on our big stuff.

All He asks for is faith. Not believing for the sake of believing. But faith… trust… dependence… leaning into His arms and letting go. Trusting a good, good Father who longs to step in if we’ll just ask Him and Him alone.

I am praying for a miracle. And who knows?

Maybe, you’re in need of one too!


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