A word from Pastor Tim 05/11

The neurology team at Brooks wanted to know how I was doing. I told them a few years ago I was rear ended by a semi that had his load shift. I remember the impact seemed to take 15 minutes as everything went in slow motion. I saw stuff flying around me like it was in a gravity free chamber. That’s what this feels like. Everybody else is moving in real time; I’m in slow motion. Life is frozen

Pam agreed with that assessment. The experience in the weeks following Pam’s diagnosis, surgery and then three weeks in rehab has seemed timeless. We have a big clock on the wall in our room. It has meant nothing.

When you get rear-ended by an experience you never saw coming you suddenly see everything that you had neatly in place go flying in pieces. That experience happens in many ways to people.

It is unavoidable. But even in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of that experience there can be a constant to anchor you: the peace of Jesus

Today I walked into the Brooks lobby after getting a clean shirt from my car. As I stepped in there was piano music. It was so nice I stopped because I didn’t know there was a piano there. And then even more amazing “It is Well” was the song playing!

I looked up onto the mezzanine and saw a therapist standing by the pianist. Then I looked closer. Pam was playing the piano! The therapist was assisting but she was playing and it was beautiful… and just at the right moment God showed up…
… again.

“My peace I give to you….” Jesus


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