1. Don’t panic. Wash your hands. 20 seconds at least. A lot.
  2. Don’t watch/listen to the media. You might want to really limit your intake of Fox News and your favorite ABC or CNN news shows. You are keeping your mind and body on high alert because this stuff doesn’t stop 24/7. Use the time instead to pray for people around you. The time you would spend chewing your nails in front of the TV might better be used in a family Bible study!
  3. Adults…parents…your kids are watching you. If you panic, they’ll panic. ¬†Answer questions they have if you can. Help them learn to access the Bible so they can calm themselves when everybody else is running around like Chicken Little. The truth really will set you… and them… free!
  4. Deal with your fears and anxiety head on. Don’t walk blindly into the devil’s den. He is the author of fear and a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour…and he’s already been snacking on some of you. Don’t give fear a foothold in your life. Ever. The enemy will exploit it every time.
  5. There is nothing contradictory to your faith or testimony in simple, wise preparation as that is needed. Just as you would do during a hurricane season, prepare for the possibility that the early stages of the virus may lead to short supplies and shutdowns. But don’t panic purchase. Think through what your household needs for an emergency. (Proverbs 27:12)
  6. Bear witness well to your faith. Be distinctive in your response to this. You have a God Who is real… a God Who is Sovereign… a God Who is watching over you. Sleep well tonight knowing that He’s got this!
  7. Trust the Lord with all your heart… and you’ll overcome the enemy’s assault… every time.

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