A Hope-full Christmas

It’s completely invisible.  Odorless.  Colorless.  Weightless.  And yet, it’s indispensable.  Without it, life becomes intolerable.  Relationships become impossible.  The future becomes unthinkable.  To live without it or to try and do so, is an exercise in doing the impossible.  Recovery for the cancer patient becomes unlikely…and the grieving find the path ahead impossible without it.

This indispensable reality, of course, is hope.  Four simple letters frame one of the most important realities for all of us…and in a special way for those who are Christians.  It is hope that helps us press on through difficulty, believing a better day is coming.  It is hope that moves us past the graveyard to life again.  It is hope that allows us to experience a new beginning for broken relationships and to focus on the dawning of a new tomorrow and not the death of dreams from yesterday.  It is hope that moves us beyond failure.

“Hope,” the Word of God assures us, “ does not make us ashamed.”

One day, our hope will be confirmed by what we can see, feel, hear, and touch.  Until that day, hope holds us tightly and keeps our eyes focused on that which is still to come.  And of course, we have the “blessed hope” of Christ returning.  We have much to be hopeful for and Christmas is an annual reminder of the hope which is ours through the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  My prayer for you is that, during this season, your hope will be strengthened and renewed, and that we will all experience a hope-full Christmas!

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