Prayer that Prevails 07

During World War 2, the people of London lived with the constant threat of enemy bombardment and strafing of city streets. My father-in-law, Leonard Sloas, was in the Army Air Corps during those harrowing days when the Nazis were still trying to retain their hold over the city. V2 rockets would fly overhead, dropping their devastating payload on citizens and soldiers alike.

One day, it is told, a school girl was walking home from class when the wail of the air raid sirens pierced the air. As she had been taught, she dropped her books where she stood and ran home as quickly as she could as low-flying German aircraft flew overhead, engaged in battle with the Royal Air Force.

When she and her sister arrived home, their father quickly took them into the darkness and safety of the bomb shelter below their home. Once there and safe, she laid her head in tears on her father’s shoulder, and asked through her sobs a question: “Daddy, can we go someplace where there is no sky?”

We feel sometimes as though “the sky is falling” as our world rapidly changes with ISIS insurgency, the cultural and moral changes sweeping in around us, storms pounding nations to our south and earthquakes threatening our west coast. How much more can our “sky” endure? As I write this blog post, the National Hurricane Center has placed Jacksonville in their “cone of uncertainty” for a hit by Hurricane Matthew.

But the reality is, all of us live in a “cone of uncertainty” when it comes to this world and this life. And while the Bible does not offer false hope that things will get better and better, it does offer the ultimate hope for the believer-that one day the “eastern sky” will split as the King of Kings and Lord of Heaven’s armies returns. On that day, the sky will no longer bring a threat except to those who have refused to own Jesus as their Lord.

Until then, we wait. But we do not wait hopelessly… but hopeful for the day when the sky brings only eternal day. When the storm clouds have passed.

When the Kingdom comes and God’s will is fully done.

FOR MEDITATION: For you do not know the day or the hour when your Lord will come.   Matthew 24:42

FOR REFLECTION: The next time you are tempted to collapse in despair over the conditions and circumstances in our world, ask yourself one important question: Where does your hope ultimately lie?


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