Prayer that Prevails 06

What does prevailing prayer really look? Prevailing prayer can be defined as praying until an answer comes. But how long? It seems to have much to do with… confidence in faith.

An elderly, Jewish man named Honi was seen by many in the Holy City as a holy man; a man of prayer and faithfulness. Once, during a period of prolonged drought, the leaders of the community came to Honi asking him to pray for rain to end the drought that had plagued the city for months. The shofar blew daily calling the people to pray together to God to send rain.

Honi agreed to pray. He came to the city center and with all the eyes of the people on him he took a staff and drew a circle in the dry dirt. Then, he stood inside the circle. He said, “I will not leave this circle until God answers my prayer.” And he began praying and as he prayed, large drops of rain began to fall… some said they were the size of eggs!

But to their surprise, the people heard Honi say, “Not for this rain I have prayed.” And suddenly the skies turned ominous and thunder rumbled and a deluge of rain fell flooding the city street and streams and brooks with an onslaught of water. “Not for this rain I have prayed,” Honi prayed again, “but for your rain of mercy, of faithfulness and of gentleness.” And the rain suddenly grew quiet and a gentle dousing of rain began that continued for days until the drought was ended.

According to the historian Josephus, Honi the Elder became known as “The Circle Maker.” Where does your circle of prayer need to begin today?

FOR MEDITATION: This is the confidence we have, that when we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14-15

FOR REFLECTION: What area of your life does a circle need to be drawn around? Are you willing to be “the circle maker” in your family, your workplace, your world today?


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