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Author Malcom Gladwell popularized the phrase “tipping point.” The concept was not created by him. A “tipping point” is a turning point in a given situation. In business, it is that moment when cash flow exceeds outgo. In sports, it is that moment when the momentum of a game shifts. In technology, it is that moment when public acceptance makes it an essential item to own or understand.

Tipping points happen in relationships, business and economics, in political campaigns, wars and in our spiritual life. The tipping point comes for many when the moment emerges and our understanding wraps around the concept that God is FOR us and not AGAINST us.

Paul expressed the tipping point in Romans 8 when he stated, “If God is FOR us, then who can be AGAINST us?” (Romans 8:31). That concept, that spiritual momentum-shift is a profound one. Jesus came to proclaim the “tipping point” by demonstrating God’s love even for His enemies by sending His Son as our sacrifice and Savior to die for us.

For the person who wrestles with doubt and questions about whether the God who made them loves them, this tipping point is significant. It changes the momentum of life when you realize that you are ALREADY accepted and loved, no matter how you may fail or disappoint God’s standards or your own. Our acceptance is not based on how we perform but on how Jesus Christ has ALREADY performed.

This is important for the person who wrongly believes that God is always angry; always standing ready to punish or judge them. It is important for us to know that God’s anger has fully been vented and satisfied by Jesus at the cross. God isn’t angry with you anymore. He loves you.

We need to reject our false gods… our false concepts of who we believe God to be. God isn’t angry with you. God isn’t against you. God doesn’t delight in punishing or judging. God isn’t rejecting you. These false concepts must die.

He’s FOR you!! That’s the tipping point. That’s the game-changer.

And that’s the Gospel.

FOR MEDITATION: If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

FOR REFLECTION: How have you entertained false concepts of who God is? Do you believe God is angry with you? Have you reached the “tipping point” in your life? God loved us so much that He gave His only-begotten Son for us. Knowing He loves us that much changes not only our life… but our eternity!

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