High School Events

All trips and activities require a Medical Release Form.  These forms are good from August-August (beginning of the school year to end of summer).

Download our current Medical Release Form below.

Medical Release Form, 2017-2018


r12 High Key Wednesdays

  • July 18 – r12 @ The Movies

Movie:  Antman vs Wasp (PG-13)

Location: Regal @ the Avenues Theater

Time:  Be there at 11am (movie starts @ 12pm)

Instruction:  Everyone is meeting at the movies.  Be there early with ticket in hand by 11:30am.  Drink & snack is your cost too!

Questions or emergencies:  Josh Glymph – 912-536-6304

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Mission Jax

July 23-27, 2018

Check out the MissionJax Page!

HSWK 2018

Check out our video from High School Week this year!