High School Events

r12 Christmas Party

WEDNESDAY,  Dec. 13 @ 6:30pm

in the STUDIO

Hopefully you have heard by now, but next Wednesday is our r12 Stranger Things Christmas Party (Lottie Moon fundraiser.)  We are hoping students will, a.) dress up like a character from the show Stranger Things (Netflix,) as well as sign up to perform a “strange” act!  These strange acts will be judged by a panel of judges. and b.) also we will vote/raise money by donating money (putting it in a box) for our favorite acts!  Please encourage your students to participate AND to bring some cash to give away!!

 If Tables for Ladies

December 11

1231 Whispering Pines Road, 32259

Contact Amanda for more info or questions…  amanda@fruitcove.com


The Gathering Feast – Dec. 17 @ 7:30pm on the Backfield

Worship for High School Seniors and College Students.

Stephen Handley and band leading music and Josh preaches a message.

Volleyball in the gym afterwards.



Passion Winter Conference

ATL – Jan 1-3, 2018

High School Seniors & College Students only.  Cost: $190

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Beginning in January

Mondays at 6:30-8:30pm

Each week will be at a different r12 Leader’s house.



January 14, 2018

What could be better than to Kick-Off the new year with an all nighter: FEATURING… REBOUNDERZ, CHIKFILA, AUTOBAHN, ICESKATING, SWAG!! – This is an outreach, so we are encouraging high schoolers to BRING THEIR FRIENDS!

Cost: $75

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FUTURE BEARDS  – Guys Bible Study


Returning soon…