Poured Out – Easter Devotion 02

I received this from our friend, Nik Ripken this past Sunday. Thought his words were a fitting insight for our time of preparation for Easter.

As Jesus showed Himself poured out for us so may we be poured out for others.

Poured out. That’s a dramatic visualization. Thinking this morning about being poured out. Seeing in my mind’s eye turning a jug of juice or fresh milk turned upside down until there’s not a drop left. I still can see in my memory coming out of the desert in Somalia and seeing this metal pitcher of iced water sitting on the counter in the team house. It’s so cold that water is beading up on the outside as a testimony that what’s inside the pitcher is so cold and is what you have been fixated on consuming for the last hours of desert-based kingdom service. I have drunk deep of the Christ who was poured out for us. Now it’s our turn to serve, to give, to love, to model the cross & [the] rolled away stone. Nik Ripken

FOR MEDITATION: This is my blood poured out for many….    Matthew 26:28

FOR REFLECTION: How can you, in imitation of Christ, pour out yourself, your time, your energy for another?