Hurricane Harvey Response

In light of the vast devastation and need created by Hurricane Harvey, many people are asking how they, or their church, can help. Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief are responding to the needs of the affected areas. Send Relief has identified the many ways that you can participate in the relief effort below.


Prayer is our most powerful tool. Pray for those directly impacted, for those still needing to be rescued, for the first responders, and for God’s glory to be manifest in this massive event.


Trained Disaster Relief teams from across the country will be sent to the affected areas to provide physical support to those in need. You can best help with these efforts by donating to help cover the cost of supplies and resources. You can do that by giving to Disaster Relief here.

Providing Needed Items

Teams are still working on rescue efforts. While donated clothes, supplies and materials will be needed in the future, they are currently not the priority. More information will be posted in the days and weeks ahead about needed items and where to send them.


Perhaps you, or your church, would like to physically help with the relief effort and would like to know where to go and how to get involved. While much help will be needed, it is important to know the most helpful ways to join the effort at the proper time. Click here to receive information on how you can engage personally at the proper time.