Leadership @ work 03

How do we genuinely, authentically but carefully share our faith in today’s workplace environment? While many offices are still not overtly restricted to people sharing their beliefs with co-workers, some have become much more so in our politically correct society. We must share our faith. It is our calling. It is our responsibility. “How shall they hear…” unless we say what we believe? But how do we say it in our workplace without jeopardizing our jobs, our ability to advance or without alienating people around us?

The last thing we want to hear as Christians, according to an article I read last week, is “I didn’t know you were a Christian.” Ouch. If we are so silent with our faith that people we work with on a daily basis could not even point to us and say, “that person is a Christian,” then we are too secretive. There are ways we can share “the offense of the cross” without ourselves being offensive. There is no way to genuinely communicate the truth of the Gospel without it offending someone. However, WE do not need to be offensive in the way we share it.

Try this. Ask a co-worker you know who is struggling if you can pray for them about their problem. Or better, tell them, “I want you to know I’ve been praying for you.” That will probably open wide some doors for spiritual conversations. You don’t have to tack Christian posters up for people to know you’re a believer. Your attitude and reaction to issues that may upset others, and how you talk about (or WON’T talk about) people in the workplace gets attention.

But however we do it, we must do it. We are given our assignment where we are because someone there is receptive to what YOU have to say about the faith. Have you identified that individual? Are you praying by name for the people you work with? Does it really break your heart to think that people you work beside each day may not go to Heaven?

Being bold doesn’t mean being aggressive. It simply means not backing away when the opportunity presents itself for you to share. Can you pray, “God, help me not to miss the open door that may come my way?” As our culture becomes more restrictive in freedoms afforded in religious liberty, those who are on the front lines of the marketplace will feel the pinch of that first. Many already have.

But, as Nik Ripken quoted a Chinese believer who had suffered imprisonment and persecution for his faith, “don’t give up in freedom what we would not give up in persecution.” We have already backed away and given up too much ground. It’s time to take our stand and find powerful and creative ways to continue share Jesus with a dying world.

And not to give up our testimony under intimidation when Christians throughout history would not surrender it in persecution.

FOR MEDITATION: And pray that God will open a door for the Gospel…. Colossians 4:3

FOR REFLECTION: We live in urgent times. What eternal difference might you make in someone’s life today by simply sharing Jesus where you work?