Our Mission

At Fruit Cove, we’re actively pursuing what we refer to as our “E3 Strategy.” We believe that this church exists to Equip the people with God’s Word, Engage the culture with God’s Truth, and Embrace the world with God’s Love.

Equipping the Church with God’s Word

God’s word has the power to change lives. It gives us courage to face challenging times and wisdom to make choices every day. The end result of being equipped is transformation. The way we think, feel and act changes. Our attention is directed less toward ourselves and more toward others.

We approach the goal of transformation by providing multiple opportunities to be equipped with God’s word:


Sunday School is a foundational ministry at Fruit Cove. We encourage every member to join a group of people with whom you can learn how to apply the Bible to the challenges of life. We have a variety of classes that are organized generally around ages so you can join others in similar life situations as you are. Most of our classes follow a curriculum that studies through the entire Bible  over a period of years. For a listing of classes, or help in finding a group for you, stop by our welcome center on Sunday morning before our worship services and we’ll help you find just the group for you.

During the school year, a variety of studies are offered during the week. Studies designed to help women, men, couples and parents are provided and give you an opportunity to look at the Bible through the lens of your special interests in life.  Click here for a listing of our Bible study opportunities.


Currently, Fruit Cove offers two Sunday morning worship services: 9:30 and 11AM. These services are generally identical and include a variety of musical expressions, testimonies and a Biblically-based sermon to help you experience a transformation in the way you think, feel and act.


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Once a month during the school year, we join together on Sunday evening at 6:00pm for a worship experience designed around the Lord’s Supper (communion) and baptism.


Sunday School and Community Fellowship Groups as well as worship is more than Bible study experience. As we explore God’s word together, we find points of identity and service to one another. If you want to truly belong to the family of God at Fruit Cove, you’ll want to join one of these groups.