Advent 2018 – 03

I’ve heard the critique before. “A lot of the Christmas carols we sing are so… dark and seem even sad.” That, when set against the silliness of “Jingle Bells” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” is possibly a valid commentary.

The carols of Christmas have almost a minor key feeling to many of them. … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 02

Many things are guaranteed to remind us that Christmas is near: tastes of favorite foods that “only Mom” can make; the sweet, thick taste of Egg Nog (unless you’re drinking the Almond Milk version…which in my opinion is sacrilegious); the smell of fresh pine from trees and wreaths that decorate our homes.

But nothing reaches … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 01

Christmas is a multi-cultural experience in many ways. It is a holiday that snarls traffic in New York City, Jerusalem, Tokyo and São Paulo, Brazil. Last week in Montreal, one of the more secular cities in North America, Christmas decorations hung from nearly every store window and on every lamp post in a bustling downtown … Continue Reading

Hurricane Matthew

Yesterday morning, hundreds of thousands of our neighbors to the west awoke to view the devastation of their homes, their businesses, church buildings, and all the things that make life familiar and comfortable. In less than 24 hours, their world changed. Some for weeks or months; others may never return to normal.

As assessments continue … Continue Reading


Hope. We all need it. While we can’t lose faith, it is far too often that we find ourselves having lost our hope. Though Paul wrote famously in 1 Corinthians 13, “These three remain: faith, hope and love…” sometimes we feel that hope is nowhere to be found.

Maybe that’s your status today. Dr. Arnold … Continue Reading

The Third Road

A comedian once said, tongue-in-cheek, “We stand at a crossroads. Down one path lies total annihilation and destruction. Down the other path is the apocalypse. I hope we choose the right road.”

Many today are sounding similar, alarm bells over our future as a people… and as a country. We have followed a slippery, moral … Continue Reading


A cry for help? An expression of anger toward someone? A physiological illness? A symptom of depression? Suicide can be one or any combination of these and the statistics on the increase of suicide attempts, especially among the younger demographic, is alarming.

Last week in the morning message, I touched on the subject of suicide … Continue Reading

Thank you

Church Family and Friends,

I find myself once again owing a debt of gratitude for you walking with me through yet another family crisis. Your kindness and understanding offered me through these days of my mother’s passing was unsurpassed and very appreciated by me and my brother.

As some of you know, Mom had been … Continue Reading


It’s been a good day. I know those words seem strange, coming as they do at the end of the day of my mother’s funeral. For the most part, they are not words we attach to such a day.

But this has been a good day. My mother, Peggy Maynard, went home this past Wednesday … Continue Reading

First Place 02

Ok, so I’ve been thoroughly harassed for “forgetting” my memory tips to help remember the Ten Commandments. Of all things, I forgot the one for “Honor your father and mother…” on MOTHER’S DAY. I messed up another one in the next service.

So, my staff decided not to leave it to memory… or chance. They … Continue Reading