The Path to Christmas 18

“God is the answer to our deepest longings.” (1 Corinthians 6:12, Phillips). The path to Christmas is a path of incomplete longing. As far back as I can remember of Christmas Day, I recall the sadness of looking at empty wrapping paper and cardboard boxes housing toys or clothing or food or books or records. … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 17

As I write this, Hanukkah has begun. The Jewish Festival of Lights is underway around the world. Hanukkah lamps are everywhere. It was in a similar celebration in Jerusalem that Jesus stood and cried out, “I am the Light of the World.”

The Advent candles used in homes and by churches on Advent Sundays build … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 16

The path to Christmas is seldom easy. We do not read of any who were present that day of Christ’s birth who found an easy way there. And sometimes our path to Christmas is more difficult than others.

This year is my turn at a difficult path to Christmas. Our first months after Pam’s death … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 15

Glory. It’s a word we think we grasp without really plumbing its depths. I do not profess to know the depths of such a rich and meaningful term, and believe it will take lengths measured with an eternal calendar to fully understand it.

But “glory” and “Christmas” are closely tied. We cannot truly know one … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 14

I wonder how many times along the way the wise men grew discouraged by their journey? “Following yonder star.” I tried to run the moon down the other night… the super moon. I saw it as I approached my neighborhood and chased quickly to a place where I could see it more clearly. But the … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 13

A tent. A temporary, cloth or canvas fabric home, held together by stitches and poles, secured by stakes. A tent. Wrinkled, sometimes torn, seldom what we could refer to as “beautiful.” A tent. A place to live when you’re just passing through for a few days. A tent.

Exactly what was described when the Bible … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 12

As we think about all the Christmas journeys that are described in the telling of the birth of Christ… the wise men, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds… we need to be careful that we not forget one important traveler who arrived that evening,

If we understand the Bible correctly, Jesus left Heaven approximately nine … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 11

The shepherds who came that first, Christmas night deserve an honored place in our nativity scenes. It is through the shepherds that we can most easily find our place. It is hard for us to identify with a virgin mother who just gave birth… to the Son of God! It is difficult for us to … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 10

No one was more excited to travel the evening of Christ’s birth than the shepherds. As the wise men, the chosen family and various travelers moved about that same evening, the shepherds “watched their flocks by night.” They were at their post. Boring jobs, low-paying work and largely unskilled laborers, most shepherds were nomadic drifters … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 09

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light!   Isaiah 9:2

I suppose, unless our eyes are limited, that we don’t spend a lot of time in the dark these days. No one enjoys walking into an unlit room, or out into a starless and black night. We are drawn to light.

And … Continue Reading