No Lesser Glory

On Sunday, April 7, we will be releasing my newest book No Lesser Glory…Walking with God in the Hard Places.  I have been writing this book off and on for over eighteen months.  While it is different from my first book I Bear Witness, it still covers some of the same tracks but … Continue Reading

My Father’s House

“My Father’s House shall be called a house of prayer….” Without question, this was one of the most passionate statements Jesus ever spoke. He punctuated that passion by driving out the merchants and money changers from the Court of the Gentiles which surrounded the temple in Jerusalem.

How far have we drifted from that passion? … Continue Reading


My parents used to take me and my brother to Camden Park near Huntington, West Virginia for a birthday present.  Occasionally they would let us bring some friends with us to enjoy the carnival rides and corn dogs.  It’s still open today.

I heard a father tell the story of doing that with his son, … Continue Reading

The Name of God

Names are important to us, of course. Ideally they make us stand out as individuals, or perhaps say something about our character or heritage. But most of us did not name ourselves.

And we did not name God. His name, by the way, is not “God.” Moses is the first to have an experience of … Continue Reading

Practical Steps to Praying Effectively

DA Carson, who has written several, remarkable, theological works, wrote a book on prayer in the early 1990’s titled, Praying with Paul. In that book, he suggested the following practical steps to praying effectively. It is, arguably, the greatest need in the church as well as in every Christian’s life. I offer an adaptation to … Continue Reading


One of the hardest parts of praying is accepting the reality that the immediate answer to our prayers, even the most urgent and sincere prayers, are not always given to us. Jesus’ agonizing prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane is one of the highest moments of the passion of Jesus before His crucifixion and resurrection.… Continue Reading

Does prayer “work”?

Does prayer “work?” I’ve heard the question asked directly and rhetorically, by authors in book titles and from people who are looking to have their “best life now.” Does it “work?” In other words, “Is it really worth my investment of time to do it?”

What is implied in the question is that there is … Continue Reading


How’s your prayer life? Few questions can make a believer feel guiltier. We know we should pray. We know we should pray MORE. We know we should pray LONGER.

We believe in prayer. Really, we do. We admire people for whom it seems to come so naturally. We may have even made a New Year’s … Continue Reading

What’s in your heart?

Does money really matter to God? I mean, it’s just paper and some precious metals, all of which God ultimately owns anyway. So what’s the big deal about money?

Certainly God does not need our money. God is not out to “get” your finances from you. His agenda is not dependent on our financial gifts. … Continue Reading