What is Mission Jax?

June 8th-13th, 2015

“A City Not Forsaken” -Isaiah 62:12

Mission Jax is where middle and high school students spend a week (Monday-Saturday) on mission to meet needs of people and organizations within the community. Each day, teams of students and leaders provide the resources necessary to complete projects in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities,

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Welcome to the Battle

Just after Christmas, Newsweek magazine unveiled an unvarnished and unsubstantiated attack against evangelical Christianity. This article was high profile and largely unresearched by a writer who does financial columns for Vanity Fair.  The article itself was an insult to any thinking reader, Christian or non-Christian.  It was poorly researched, used vitriolic and cartoonish images … Continue Reading

Room for Christ on Christmas TV?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially on TV.  All our favorite holiday movies are being broadcast….again and again and again and again… Sunday afternoon for a few moments I visited again with the Griswald family as Chevy Chase hung precariously from the second story of his home stapling Christmas lights…and his shirt … Continue Reading