Happy Easter

The cross has now been dismantled. The winding cloths that wrapped our Lord’s crucified and battered body now lie empty in a vacated tomb. Only angels are left… and wonder!

Women came to the cemetery to finish the proper process of Jewish burial. Instead of a bloodied corpse, they met an angel who asked a … Continue Reading

Before the Cross – Easter Devotion 19

Friday dawned. Jesus had been arrested, arraigned by a midnight, kangaroo court. Tried by the religious hierarchy and found guilty of blasphemy. The disciples had fled. Only Peter remained… denying. It was Friday, but Sunday was coming.

The religious lied… the government conspired… the governor buried justice. The soldiers drank. The crowd grew restless. It … Continue Reading

Before the Cross – Easter Devotion 17

Though Holy Week began with shouts of “Hosanna” and celebration with waving palms, joyful faces, and hopeful hearts, it landed five days later in darkness, questions and the quietness of a graveyard. Crucifixion had crushed the last hopes of believers and brought assurance to the enemies of Christ that the problems He had created were … Continue Reading

Before the Cross – Easter Devotion 16

“The early church did not invent the empty tomb or the resurrection sightings of Jesus,” said historian N.T. Wright. “Nobody was expecting this kind of thing, no conversion experience or experience of being forgiven, no matter how guilty they felt, no matter how many hours they pored over the Scriptures would have created it. To … Continue Reading

Before the Cross – Easter Devotional 11

Last week two Princeton University researchers released a report to the Brookings Institute, tracking the startling mortality rates of middle-class, white Americans. Among both men and women, deaths by suicide, alcohol or drug use have risen alarmingly.

These “deaths of despair,” the researchers named it, claim thousands of lives each year. And the number is … Continue Reading