The Road to the Cross 03

We are reeling as a nation again from one of the worst, mass murders in our history. Sadly, it seems like we are making that statement every, other week. The sorrow and pain of families to our south in Parkland, Florida, is beyond comprehension or explanation.

It is… and I’ve heard the term frequently in … Continue Reading

The Road to the Cross 01

They had seen it all before, this bloodthirsty crowd. The sweating, panting bodies. The blood-soaked clothing. The bruising and lacerations of whip marks crisscrossing the prisoners. It was, sadly, another day under occupied Rome.

But this one was different. This One. He, too, was blood, sweat and spit soaked, panting in the Palestinian heat. Bruised … Continue Reading

Grieving Nicely

Today marks the sixth month since Pam’s death. Though time has stood still in a sense to me and our family, it has also sped by in ways that I would never have imagined. Many things have begun to return to some semblance of “normal.”

I have known academically and now, by daily experience, that … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 09

In this final post on our Overcoming Worry series, let me re-emphasize a couple of things. First, let’s remember that the purpose of this section of Scripture in Philippians 4 has to do with finding peace. We read in verse 5 that “the peace of God” will stand guard over our hearts as we bring … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 08

As we approach the end of this series of blogs on worry, I want to repeat something that I’ve said several times already: “Insight does not equal transformation.” We can learn a number of things about overcoming anxiety, but until we do them knowing them will do nothing to change us.

One of the things … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 07

So much of the Old and New Testament concerns itself with the concept of peace. Though many other verses could be quoted, these listed below should be a place to start in memorization and meditation. Mastering these verses… JUST THESE… will begin the process of diverting us away from anxiety and toward experiencing the peace … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 06

In the Bible, three different kinds of peace are talked about in reference to God. Peace WITH God is the peace that comes about when we find ourselves no longer enemies of God… but in fact, beloved by God. That is a grace given at the moment of redemption. It is the peace that is … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 05

Anxiety Free Living

We desperately want our battle with anxiety to be like losing unwanted pounds or “getting in shape.” (The cynic in me always wants to ask ‘which shape?’) You know what I mean. We want to pop a pill, or go through a five step to-do list. But I have learned that getting … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 04

Anxiety can be defined in a lot of different ways. The best way to understand it is through the lens of Jesus. Worry can do a lot of things to us… it can give us sleepless nights, ulcers in our stomach, or even heart problems. As a medical condition, it can ultimately be a killer … Continue Reading