The Path to Christmas 06

Imagine this scene for a moment. You come to your family’s home on December 24 and look inside, seeing a Norman Rockwell-like scene… fireplace, Christmas tree, stockings hung and the smell of coffee brewing and Christmas ham wafting from the kitchen. You come with gifts you chose for the members of your family you haven’t … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 05

Of all the Christmas journeys we could talk about or point to, none compares to the journey our Savior undertook. We can by no means wrap our minds around what it meant to leave Heaven’s glory and journey to a world that would reject and kill Him… to occupy not a throne, but a virgin … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 04

Sometimes the longest journey is not marked in miles or kilometers. It is marked by significance. Mary and Joseph journeyed only a few days on their path to Bethlehem. The wise men journeyed from the other side of the world to see the newborn King. The importance of these journeys cannot be underestimated. The wise … Continue Reading

The Path of Christmas 03

Of course, the wise men were not the only people on a journey to Christmas. Let’s take a moment and visit a young couple struggling along a dirt pathway from Nazareth to the little burg of Bethlehem. The journey would have taken several days on foot, and there is no indication in the Bible that … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 02

Perhaps this is a good time to ask the question I will seek to answer in this blog series: “How did we get to Christmas in the way we celebrate today?” Is our celebration of Christmas biblically informed, or is it a cultural creation? Did we “steal” it from pagan religion as some have insisted, … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 01

We don’t know much about the strange men who showed up late for Christmas. The “wise men” or “magi” were ancient Babylonian astrologers who spotted what we call the Star of Bethlehem, indicating the birth of Christ.

And so their path to Christmas began. They traveled, possibly from the Far East, to visit this newborn … Continue Reading


Gratitude should come naturally to us, but it doesn’t. We are a most blessed people in our great country, but that does not generally lead us to be as thankful as we ought to be.

We learn this from our earliest years. I do not remember a time, when we took our children for a … Continue Reading


I just returned from Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, where the 2017 Florida Baptist Convention gathered for its annual session with the theme, “Eyes on Eternity.” It was a rich time of worship, God-anointed singing and deep preaching. It was also a time to be reminded.

I was reminded, first, that my family is … Continue Reading


“I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Jesus made some amazing promises. He has kept, is keeping or will keep them all. Most are encouraging, life-giving, and filled with hope. A … Continue Reading

The Journey Continues

(This blog post was written three months after Pam’s death)

I’m on the road again this week, though this time not alone. I am traveling into some really cold weather with our happy group of about 50 traveling senior adults. They’ll be alright until the temperatures dive into the low 30’s tonight! We are going … Continue Reading