One last update

One thing that continues to resonate within me is an overwhelming gratitude for all that God has done through so many during this difficult season culminating in Pam’s Homegoing. It is beyond “being thankful.” It is actually a gratitude beyond word s.

My daughter is laboring in the room next to me, writing thank-you notes … Continue Reading

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Idioms are commonplace in the English language and in most others. They are easy to remember phrases and sayings, catchy in their presentation, and express a reality that is commonplace to humanity. “Six of one and half dozen of the other.” “Raining cats and dogs.” “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” (My friend Nik … Continue Reading

Come Into His Presence

I heard this week from someone that gratitude is the key that unlocks the blessing that God wants to give His children. In times of trial and difficulty, it becomes too easy to overlook the simple expression of heartfelt gratitude that needs to be spoken and heard. This is, for the moment, the best vehicle … Continue Reading

From Heaven’s View

Perspective changes everything. A few years ago, my son and I had the opportunity to go on patrol with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office helicopter unit. We flew over the city at night… and from the air it was breathtaking. Much different than the perspective of the city I have looking out my car window stuck … Continue Reading

The Deep

Most of us have vivid memory of the first time we stepped out of shallow water into the deep. That moment of sheer exhilaration and magical weightlessness that comes is followed by sheer panic and fear as a mouth-nose-lungful of water floods in! It may have been an accidental foray or a swimming lesson; going … Continue Reading

A Word from Pastor Tim 07/12

I find myself again needing to express the sense of gratitude that Pam and I feel for the continual stream of encouragement and the caring gifts of food, gift cards, and most of all, prayers from our beloved Fruit Cove family for Pam’s recovery.

We are literally overwhelmed each day knowing the body of Christ … Continue Reading

A word from Pastor Tim 06/07

We don’t want to stop saying thank you for so many of you who have literally been the expression of God’s love and grace to us. Incredible meals… generous gifts… numerous cards… innumerable Facebook and email posts of encouraging thoughts and prayers. We are simply overwhelmed in trying to say thank you. We love you.… Continue Reading

A word from Pastor Tim for Pentecost Sunday

Sunday, June 4, is Pentecost Sunday. That doesn’t mean much to most evangelical, Protestant types, according to a journal article I read recently. We don’t really acknowledge the special dates on the church yearly calendar (well, except for the fun ones… Easter and Christmas with an occasional mention of Advent.)

The church calendar is built … Continue Reading