Hope. We all need it. While we can’t lose faith, it is far too often that we find ourselves having lost our hope. Though Paul wrote famously in 1 Corinthians 13, “These three remain: faith, hope and love…” sometimes we feel that hope is nowhere to be found.

Maybe that’s your status today. Dr. Arnold … Continue Reading

The Third Road

A comedian once said, tongue-in-cheek, “We stand at a crossroads. Down one path lies total annihilation and destruction. Down the other path is the apocalypse. I hope we choose the right road.”

Many today are sounding similar, alarm bells over our future as a people… and as a country. We have followed a slippery, moral … Continue Reading


A cry for help? An expression of anger toward someone? A physiological illness? A symptom of depression? Suicide can be one or any combination of these and the statistics on the increase of suicide attempts, especially among the younger demographic, is alarming.

Last week in the morning message, I touched on the subject of suicide … Continue Reading


It’s been a good day. I know those words seem strange, coming as they do at the end of the day of my mother’s funeral. For the most part, they are not words we attach to such a day.

But this has been a good day. My mother, Peggy Maynard, went home this past Wednesday … Continue Reading

First Place 02

Ok, so I’ve been thoroughly harassed for “forgetting” my memory tips to help remember the Ten Commandments. Of all things, I forgot the one for “Honor your father and mother…” on MOTHER’S DAY. I messed up another one in the next service.

So, my staff decided not to leave it to memory… or chance. They … Continue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mom

Well, here it is Mother’s Day. Your day, we are told. No matter how inadequate or ill-conceived our efforts may be to show it… we love you. We do appreciate you, and all the untold and unnumbered things you do to make our lives better.

Of course that includes driving us way too Continue Reading

First Place 01

Well, it’s finally happened and it can be scientifically verified. We have officially done away with God in our country. Now don’t get riled up here about politicians and political correctness and discriminating policies.
Some Christians have given Him up.

According to a Pew Research report just released, (pewforum.org) only 56% of Americans believe in … Continue Reading

A Slice of Heaven

It was a little slice of heaven. Located in an unlikely spot, the center of Jersey City, New Jersey, Heaven visited earth on Sunday. Harvest City Bible Fellowship, a largely Philippine congregation, opened its doors to their second anniversary. I was invited to be a part since we are a supporting partner through our Advance … Continue Reading

Whitey the Dog

A few years ago, my father-in-law had a Jack Russell terrier named Whitey. He was sort of off-white, actually, with a prominent brown spot circling his eye. When we first met him, Papaw asked us with a twinkle in his eye, “What do you think I named him?” Of course, we all guessed “Spot.” He … Continue Reading

The Road to the Cross 16

Jesus told His disciples something we need to keep in mind as we approach the seventh word from the cross. He told them, “No man takes my life from Me but I lay it down of my own accord.” (John 10:18)

The cross was not an accident of misfortune, a lack of careful calculation on … Continue Reading