A word from Pastor Tim 06/07

We don’t want to stop saying thank you for so many of you who have literally been the expression of God’s love and grace to us. Incredible meals… generous gifts… numerous cards… innumerable Facebook and email posts of encouraging thoughts and prayers. We are simply overwhelmed in trying to say thank you. We love you.… Continue Reading

A word from Pastor Tim for Pentecost Sunday

Sunday, June 4, is Pentecost Sunday. That doesn’t mean much to most evangelical, Protestant types, according to a journal article I read recently. We don’t really acknowledge the special dates on the church yearly calendar (well, except for the fun ones… Easter and Christmas with an occasional mention of Advent.)

The church calendar is built … Continue Reading

A Word from Pastor Tim 05/31

Sunday we returned to worship together for the first time since Pam’s surgery. Allison was in town with us. We wept for joy and sang praises with the people of God. We were generously fed the Word of Life and were lovingly embraced by the family of God.

How do Christ-followers live without the encouragement … Continue Reading

A Word from Pastor Tim 05/26

I am praying for a miracle.

I struggle, as many in our tribe do, with the subject of miracles and faith… healing and prayer. How exactly are we to think about such things? Does talking and thinking about them… believing in them… actually make us Pentecostal? Throw us in the camp with “faith healers” and … Continue Reading

A word from Pastor Tim 05/18

We are home. It is good… and also hard to come back to familiar surroundings but to find that, though things remain the same, much of our life hasn’t. We are still dealing with several realities on a daily basis, specifically concerning the absence of feeling in Pam’s right side including her arm and leg, … Continue Reading

A word from Pastor Tim 05/08

Sometimes, in the midst of our sorrow and pain, we forget that we are not the only ones hurting. Wednesday night, following the pathology report for my wife revealing the level of her brain cancer, I desperately needed some time to just walk and think… and pray. So I took some time to go and … Continue Reading

Maynard Family Update 05/03

Beloved Church Family and Praying Friends,

Today we learned from Pam’s surgeon both good news and bad news. The good news was that God was gracious in the surgery and 99% of the tumor was removed in two surgeries. The bad news was that pathology showed the mass was a Grade 4 Glioma. This will … Continue Reading

Maynard Family Update 05/02/17

Beloved Church Family and Praying Christian Community

Today has been a day begun with disappointment and ending with some difficulty but along the way the hand of God is still guiding. This we know. Our plan, we thought, was to go home this morning. Immediate modifications had been made to our front door with a … Continue Reading

Update on Pam

Beloved Church Family,

We are so appreciative, again, for the countless offers of help and your unceasing prayers on our behalf. We thank God constantly for you. Believe me your prayer matters!

It has been difficult to write sometimes because we are still in the early stages of absorbing exactly what we are dealing with … Continue Reading