210 North Ridgecrest Lane  St Johns, FL  32259

* Childcare available upon request – email Chantelle Alligood – to reserve childcare

Bring your water bottle and your high energy!

Our main focus in our Fitness Ministry is to increase everyone’s quality of life through these workouts.
They are cross-training style group fitness classes.
We focus on functional movements at a high intensity that will improve everyday life.
Don’t let the word high intensity scare you though!
Each exercise that is given will have a modification for those who are unable to perform it.
Each class can be as hard or as easy as you want it! It just depends on what you put into it!
You will leave feeling like you had a great workout and everyone in the class will encourage you to be your best!
Each class we walk through every exercise before we get started.
Please plan on coming about 15 minutes early on your first visit.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Email with any questions